“Blue Sky Thinking”

Paul Heyhoe – Owner

Anyone that knows Blue Sky knows we’re members of the Real Bread Campaign. Our bread is as it’s supposed to be; no sugar – just flour, water, salt, yeast, and time.

We’re all about keeping the traditional methods, and mixing things up with a bit of a modern twist. With that said, you’ll not find any preservatives in our dough or pastry, which is why everything is freshly made up to order. There really is no substitute.

Since everything is freshly made to order, once we run out – we run out! So we highly recommend you order in advance to avoid any disappointment. We bake our regular ‘stalwart’ breads, doughnuts, pastries and snacks – but you can also find various ‘spur of the moment‘ creations, inspired by the seasonal produce that graces our doorstep from local producers and suppliers.

“His light, crispy pane carasau the size of a tennis racket is the best alternative to crispbread this side of Sardinia. People are already traveling some distance for his doughnuts, which are divine (oo-er matron).” – Squidbeak